Dear Executive:


            How often have you read and heard about customer innovation in recent months?


            Have you read a few books or articles on airplane trips and mused about how your company can connect with your passionate customers to tap their ideas for product/service innovations?


            Orange Passion can help you and your company.  And we can get started fast and easy.


            Attached are some examples of the types of Passionate Customer Innovation which is taking place at a variety of big and small corporations.  These are not our clients, they are examples of the focus of our company.


            I am sure you have heard of some and others will be new to you.


            Orange Passion is a new company and our focus is Passionate Customer Innovation.  We think out-of-the-box and we help you find your crazy/passionate customers who have amazing ideas that you have never heard about.


            Many studies show that the majority of home-run innovation is based on business process innovations.  Your passionate customers are full of potential home-run ideas for business process innovations. 


            Your passionate customers, once you find them and connect, can help with ideas for improvements to product, service, and marketing; out-of-the-box innovations which may transform your business; positive PR and buzz by leveraging customer-created content.


P.S. Have you read Blue Ocean Strategy?  This recent business book shows how to envision new blue ocean strategies and avoid the red ocean of bloody competition and incremental changes.  Email me at if you would like a free 5 page summary of the book. 

Orange Passion – Passionate Customer Innovation - Examples of Ideas

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Orange Passion helps to find your passionate customers to create innovative ideas to improve products, service, and marketing with brainstorming and collaboration.