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            The world’s most innovative companies increasingly use a process of ‘open innovation’ and ‘customer innovation’ to create new business processes and models.


            BusinessWeek, in a special report on the World’s Most Innovative Companies, detailed the trends of using the internet and globalization to embrace the collective brains of the world and have customers provide innovative solutions.


            Orange Passion believes the untapped resources of passionate customers is an amazing opportunity for creative executives and companies.  We can help you find your passionate customers and engage them in innovative efforts and collaboration.


            As the article said, companies can use a wider pool of new ideas of insights from passionate consumers.  New products and processes are even created by customers themselves.  The concepts of customer-created or user-created content, which is sweeping the new wave of internet applications, is a similar notion of open innovation.


            By now, you have received a number of ideas from Orange Passion.  Our hope is to share knowledge with top executives on the possibilities of passionate customer innovation in order to encourage you and your company to give the idea of Orange Passion a try.


            We would love to brainstorm with you and your team.  Most importantly, we believe that one of your passionate customers may have a huge home-run idea for you and your company.  But we need to find the passionate customers, trust them, and engage them in innovative efforts.


            Our Pilot Project is a small project of $9,500 with an unconditional guarantee.  It takes only 1-2 days of your staff time and less than one month of calendar time from start to finish.  Contact me at 240-396-1376 or email to schedule a phone call to discuss your ideas and interests in passionate customers and Orange Passion.




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BusinessWeek – The World’s Most Innovative Companies

The following are excerpts from a BusinessWeek article


Today, innovation is about much more than new products. It is about reinventing business processes and building entirely new markets that meet untapped customer needs. Most important, as the Internet and globalization widen the pool of new ideas, it's about selecting and executing the right ideas and bringing them to market in record time.  Today, it's about taking corporate organizations built for efficiency and rewiring them for creativity and growth.  There are technology innovators, business model innovators, and process innovators.


Procter & Gamble Co. has transformed its traditional in-house research and development process into an open-source innovation strategy it calls "connect and develop." The new method? Embrace the collective brains of the world.  Southwest recently gathered people from its in-flight, ground, maintenance, and dispatch operations. For six months they met for 10 hours a week, brainstorming ideas to address a broad issue: What are the highest-impact changes we can make to our aircraft operations? 

Getting good consumer insight is the fourth most cited obstacle to innovation in our survey. Blogs and online communities now make it easier to know what customers are thinking. But finding that Holy Grail of marketing, the "unmet need" of a consumer, remains elusive. 


By listening to customers in poorer countries, Nokia learned that phones had to be more durable, since they're often the most expensive item these customers will buy. To function in a tropical climate, it made the phones more moisture-resistant. It even used special screens that are more legible in bright sunlight.

Consumers increasingly are doing the innovation themselves. Consider Google and its mapping technology, which it opened to the public. This produced a myriad of "mash-ups" in which programmers combine Google's maps with anything from real estate listings to local poker game sites.  Google's mash-ups are just one example of the escalating phenomenon of open innovation. These days the world is your R&D lab. Customers are co-opting technology and morphing products into their own inventions. Many companies are scouting for outside ideas they can develop in-house, embracing the open-source movement, and joining up with suppliers or even competitors on big projects that will make them more efficient and more powerful.


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