The following are examples of types of Orange Passion.
They are examples of a variety of companies who already are engaging passionate customers to create innovative product, service, and marketing efforts.

BMW BMW solicits ideas for new products using a website toolkit for customers.  
Boeing Boeing used a virtual community for a World Design Team to get ideas for their new Dreamliner.
Build-A-Bear Build-A-Bear develops passionate customers with active input from children via advisory groups.  
Cabela Cabela is a catalog company of outdoor enthusiast items.  They have policy of having employees try products and contribute detailed feedback, as well as feedback from evangelist customers.
Converse Converse asked the public to create and submit 24 second video ads online from anyone with a camera and an idea.  They received over 1,000 submissions and showed 40 videos on their website.
Digital Chocolate Digital Chocolate is creating online mobile games with features allowing customers to build their own pieces of the game, such as AvaCars.
Dodge Dodge launched the Dodge Charger Fantasy Contest to encourage photography and imaging artists to compete for $1,000 in prizes by submitting passionate visions about the American 'muscle car' and Dodge Charger.
ESPN ESPN encourages passionate customers to connect with their brand using the new ESPN-branded cell phone.  
Fandango Fandango has over 1.7 million registered users and they recently started to use them as focus groups for ideas and feedback.
Fluevog Fluevog is a shoe company that sponsored an open source shoe design contest to have customers design new shoes.
Hollywood Undead Hollywood Undead is the first band signed with www.myspace.com to a new record label.  By offering four songs for free and communicating with passionate fans, they developed over 60,000 fans in a few months.  
Intuit Intuit created www.taxalmanac.org for tax professionals to collaborate and contribute articles.
Jones Soda Jones Soda involves customers in many business functions, such as choosing names for drinks and label design.
Lego Group Lego works with train set enthusiasts to develop new products and enlist influential consumer evangelists.
Linden Lab Linden Lab offers a virtual world called Second Life which has 75,000 member.  These members spend over 15,000 hours per day creating and building the online virtual world which is equal to a 2,000 person company.
MacDowell Colony MacDowell Colony is a New Hampshire artist retreat that has had over 5,000 artists come to visit to interact and collaborate with great results.  The retreat demonstrates the power of intersection of ideas between people.
OhMyNews OyMyNews is a news website based in Korea that is created by customers.  Over 50,000 citizen journalists create this customer-written online newspaper.
Procter & Gamble Procter & Gamble uses an outside scientific network called Innocentive with 80,000 scientists to outsource innovation.  They get 35% of ideas from outside of company for new products.
Roomba Roomba produces the new robot vacuum called iRobot.  Leading users are creating innovations and collaborating online to share ideas of how to program Roomba for other purposes.
Salesforce.com Salesforce.com has created an Ebay-like marketplace of ideas and innovations from customers of business applications that work on top of and together with their online sales system.
San Francisco State University San Francisco State University created an online collaboration system for 30,000 students to share ideas and work on projects together online.
TopCoder TopCoder is a software developer that sponsors code-writing contests to identify passionate potential employees for their company and their customers.  TopCoder has  developed a database of over 65,000 coders from over 200 countries.
Yamaha Yamaha Motors Europe created an online Design Cafe for passionate motorcycle enthusiasts to share ideas and experiences.