Dear Executive Open to Creative Ideas:

Do you ask your passionate customers to brainstorm together?

Orange Passion will help you find your passionate customers and get them to contribute amazing, innovative ideas to improve your product, service, and marketing. In many cases, we see home-run ideas transform various aspects of a business.

Imagine investing a very small amount of money and getting a home-run idea.

As Business Week reported in “The Power of Us,” customers are contributing more innovative ideas through collaboration and customer-created content. The most innovative companies are tapping the ideas of passionate customers.

Orange Passion is a new company whose mission is to identify a company’s passionate customers and bring them together to create and contribute home-run ideas.

This concept is not about typical market research or broad customer surveying in order to evaluate company-generated ideas, new products and service changes. The idea is not to tell the customer what you have planned; it is to have the customer make the plan.

Orange Passion is about seeking and trusting leading-edge customers. These passionate customers, when interactive and collaborating, can achieve a Medici effect through the Wisdom of Crowds.

Orange Passion started in 2006 after selling my software company of 18 years. We are a boutique-consulting firm with a laser focus. I will personally be the consultant on your project.

Our Pilot Project is a small project of $9,500 with an unconditional guarantee. It takes only 1-2 days of your staff time and less than one month of calendar time from start to finish. If you do not feel it was worth the investment, we will not invoice you after the project. We are that confident of the value of finding passionate customers.


Steve Kantor


Orange Passion

Phone: 240-396-1376

P.S. If you are intrigued, just send an email to and we will send you an email series of passionate customer innovation examples. They are exciting!

Orange Passion - Passionate Customers – Innovate with Ideas

Imagine… Imagine 100 of your most passionate customers sharing amazing ideas and innovations to improve your product, service, and marketing. Orange Passion can find your passionate customers who would love to help you and your company.

Passionate customers are an underutilized asset of your company. They exist, but do you know who they are? Have you ever treated them uniquely to ask for ideas and innovations? Have you ever connected them with each other? Passionate customers have ideas – lots of ideas. Some of the ideas are silly, some are okay, and some of them could deliver amazing results to your company. Many of the ideas are valuable and some of the biggest profit-makers in business came from a passionate person with a wild idea.

Do you have 10,000 or more customers? Do you have passionate customers – the top 1%? Imagine finding the top 1% of customers, who may be the most revenue, or most loyal, or loudest, or most active word-of-mouth marketers, or the fringe and leading edge users. Do you believe that for every $1 you invest in efforts with passionate customers, you could get a return on investment of $5? Imagine you and your team coming up with the next home-run idea for your company.

Most companies spend most of their sales/marketing budget on new customer acquisition. Some money, but never enough, is spent on current customers and relationships. Some of that is spent with a focus on customer retention, which is the least happy customers. Currently, across the country, almost nothing is spent with a focus on the top 1% of passionate customers. Orange Passion will spread our vision and passion of working with passionate customers.

Orange Passion helps find your passionate customers, connect with them emotionally, and engage their passion for ideas to expand and improve marketing and products. We estimate that 1 in 100 customers are passionate customers and 1 in 1,000 will create magic for your company.

Orange Passion helps you achieve these results in three steps, so you can test the concept before major commitment. First, we launch a Pilot Project of 3 days to find passionate customers, get first ideas from group, and review results and potential for collaboration. The price is $9,500 plus travel expenses. Second, we launch an Innovate Project of 10-30 days, using our proprietary process and platform, to connect passionate customers to innovate and collaborate, and review ideas for home-runs for you and your company to implement. Third, if Innovate Project achieves your desired return on investment, we launch an Expand Project to broaden the number of people participating and create an ongoing process and service for passionate customer innovation.

Imagine. What could 100 of your most passionate customers create if they were gathered together? Orange Passion will help find your passionate customers. The customers will collaborate and innovate home-run ideas for your company. Let us help you achieve a home-run for your company.

Steve, 240-396-1376,